Avoin hallinto

Avoin hallinto

keskiviikko 14. lokakuuta 2015

There is now only little more than one week ahead of us to the Ministerial and to the Youth Dialogue. Things are busy at the office in preparing for the meetings to come. We are very happy that so many young people are joining the dialogue.

 Currently weather in Finland is quite nice, it is brisk but sunny and dry. Let’s hope that that is also the case during the two days at the end of month.

Yesterday was an International Democracy day and we had a big event where a Democracy prize was given to two winners one state government service and one municipality. In this municipality of Tyrnävä the strategy work was made so that children and youth could contribute in a different way at different age levels. Smaller children drew pictures and older ones wrote their views.

Our team has been preparing for the Youth Dialogue and Study Tour and we will have very nice programme at the House of Estates from three Finnish Civil Society Organisation (Scouts, Children of the Station and Icehearts). This will be right before the actual Youth Dialogue will take place. The Youth Dialogue is a very important addition to the Youth Fora that have been organised in the different countries during the summer. From the Youth Fora a lot of important information gathered but it is also important to have face to face discussions with the ministers so that both youth and ministers can ask the other in more detail about their views on enhancing youth engagement.

In orange with a collague in celebration of the coming Youth Dialogue


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